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Professional DJ's, more music less talk
At Marathon Radio 585 we play range of music for your listening pleasure 24X7X
365 advertising for your business or events. We advertise, play you latest and
greatest genre, live DJ set, talk shows, current events, and news.
Live Stream

Top Muzic

This is where artist come to be discovered
This is where artist come to be discovered
Reggae, Dancehall, Calypso, Hip Hop, R&B, Disco, House,
Trance, Blue, Gospel and much more. We work with all
artist new or at the peak of your career.

Online Parties

Check Out The Current Events
If it's your favorite artist or event we will partner to have
tickets on hand, check out Marathon Radio 585 merchandise including
custom merchandise.
Radio Show Line Up

The Titan & Belle Roc

The Town Take Over Show

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

80's/90's Dancehall

Starts 10/18/2021 (Coming Soon)

R&B Movers

R&B Flavor Mix(Coming Soon)


About Us

Maraathon Radio 585 (MRadio585) located in Rochester NY streaming 24 X 7 X 365 for your litening pleasure, we are here for our listeners stream great music from all over the world.

Here at MRadio585 (Marathon Radio 585) we deliver music like no other from; Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Soca, Calypso, and much more...... Live iInterviews, Talk shows, Sport Shows, Music News, World News, Live Events.

MRadio585 (Marathon Radio 585) provide great line up fro interviews to live DJ's and Selectas session with great interactive moments you can call in to speak with a call in to win prizes for events and MRadio585 (Marathon Radio 585) gears.

Upcoming Shows



Your Dancehall Event

Main Event

ABC Rochester, NY, USA

10:00 pm



Your Reggae Event

Main Event

Buffalo, NY, United States

04:00 pm



Your R&B Event

Main Event

XYZ New York, NY, USA

09:30 pm



Your Church Event

Main Event

Rochester, NY, United States

09:00 pm

Latest Videos


Break the Mountains, Newyork, USA

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Where Do We Work

Dj Party Events

Dj Party Events

Do you have a party let us supply your music needs.
Wedding Events

Wedding Events

Come do your wedding memories with us.

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Lets jump start you life event it comes once per year.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Business events is a vital party of your business.

Selecta Quiet Storm

DJ/ Engineer

Lewi Dott

Professional Singer

Elena Loret

Professional Singer

Mark Mattew

Professional Singer

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